Monday, August 2, 2010

Foxfire Series

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I am expecting the first of many Foxfire books in the mail this week. There was an eBay auction with a signed copy of the second Foxfire book. I thought it was curious that it was a buy it now, rather than see what the market would bring, so I did a search. It turns out that the original teacher (Wiggington) that sparked the Foxfire series was later to become a convicted pedophile, making his signature and participation in the project an embarrassment. He is mentioned in one place in the 40th Anniversary of Foxfire even though without him the project wouldn't have existed. Society has a right to condemn heinous actions such as pedophilia. However, in the instance of the Foxfire series, it was his students that took Wiggington's spark and built the fire that later became bigger than their collective souls put together.


Sue's News said...

If you don't have 2, 3 and 6,
DON'T buy them--I have them and you are more than welcome to them!

skymetalsmith said...
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