Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Yesterday I arrived at my new residence only to find that the rented dumpster that my landlord obtained for the remodeling job was overflowing with cut up mattresses. Someone in a red pick up truck apparently decided to make some money scrapping and used our dumpster for the waste product that the scrap yard will not pay for. A nearby neighbor took photos of the offending truck. I have no idea what sort of fine or legal action might transpire.
This morning before sunrise I awoke to a metal stomping noise outside. It took me a minute to wake up and remember that a scrapper stomps his metal cans on the pavement in order to make his load more compact. He comes and does this about an hour before the trash compactor (equally noisy and annoying) comes and noisily dumps our ally dumpsters. It is really hard to get any quality sleep around here. I wake up angry and want to go outside and kick ass and take names. I want the man to know he is ruining my sleep. I want the trash trucks to do their business at a decent hour.
These scrap metal dumpster divers seem to have no regard for other peoples rights. I sure hope I don't have to have a daily relationship with the scrap yard to make ends meet. It is my understanding that we export our metal to China for recycling, rather than reuse the scrap metal here in the US. After catabolic collapse we won't have to mine our metals. Once it becomes too expensive to export our recyclables to China, our own scrap yards will be where the mining will be happening. Till then though it is hard to get any quality sleep in my neighborhood!

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