Friday, August 13, 2010

Decorating With Maps

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I am preoccupied today with trying to figure out how to wall paper my bathroom with old road maps. My partner and I helped liquidate an estate of a woman who worked for AAA. As fate (and luck) would have it, I am moving into the very house she was born in! I think Betty would be pleased that I put her old road maps to this new use.

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Sue's News said...

I LOVE the maps! At my first apartment, I gathered leaves (I LOVE leaves!)and shellacked them and put them under glass for my coffee table--a piece of mahogany from the top of our first television set when I was a kid-- set on top of wooden crates was my coffee table!

Talk about recycling--we still have that beautiful piece of mahogany--in Gerald's workshop; I know we'll use it for something!

I think I'll write about this on my BLOG!