Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Garden That Keeps On Giving

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This gorgeous Sunflower is in our urban garden this summer. When it goes to seed it will feed the birds which keeps our cats in our yard and off the street. Our cats used to cross the busy street to stalk birds at our neighbors bird feeder. So we started hanging bird feeders throughout the yard as well as bird baths to lure them into our yard. Our cats very seldom leave our yard now that there is so many birds dining out and hanging out here.

My partner got several gallon containers of Sunflower seeds at an auction last week. I procured a couple of those. I am going to use two of those containers of seeds at my new place to feed the birds along the fence line between my property line and the neighbors. The woman who lived in the house before me had several cats that she didn't take with her when she moved. They are living in the woods across the street and eating scraps out of garbage and Lord only knows what else. They are not starving by any means because someone is feeding them now and then. I am hoping I can draw in some bird life to feed the stray cats occasionally by starting with just one bird feeder and Sunflower seeds. The birds will drop some of the seeds and I will have beautiful Sunflowers along the fence line next year at this time. Permaculture is a wonderful thing.

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