Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Ever Happened To Dinner And A Movie?

Last weekend there were over 100 reports of drive by shootings here in Newark.  Lots of vehicle damage, and it turns out, it was teenagers.  Well...almost.  There was a 20 year old involved.  The juvenile girl that was involved was 17.  I can tell you this, when I was 17, my parents would have forbid me to date a 20 year old!  I spent the morning looking at all the news regarding this shooting spree, and no one has reported that the weapon has been recovered.  There is a third suspect, and I will be curious to know how old he, or she is.  My local neighborhood watch was all over this story.  There isn't anything like that that happens in my neighborhood that doesn't get reported, and scrutinized.  I have friends in other neighborhoods that do not have a strong neighborhood watch group though.  With so much crystal meth and heroin being consumed, it isn't any wonder that there are not more of these incidents.  I take heart in knowing that lots of my neighbors are getting home surveillance.  The two suspects were from Frazeysburg and Nashport.  I have to wonder why they had to come all the way into Newark for their escapade?  When I was 17, and driving around Newark, the big deal was driving around "the square" or Frisches.  We all had bb guns.  It never occurred to us that driving to Newark and shooting out car windows would be fun.  What ever happened to dinner and a movie?  There have been several robberies and thefts near Whites Field.  Apparently the alley behind church street is a cesspool of criminal activity being practiced openly.  The gas stations, Circle K all have surveillance cameras.  It wouldn't take too much ingenuity to put some of those cameras pointed to the back alley where this is happening.  It is only a few blocks from the police station.  What a shame! 

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