Monday, April 14, 2014

Heisey Glass Company

This weekend I helped recycle computers at the old Heisey Glass Factory.  Not much of the original building is apparent in my photo.  I have a few pieces of Heisey in my collection, and may try to sell them on eBay when I get my new camera (after I get my Arts Council Grant).  Because of my poverty level, I worry that if something would happen to me, and I can't get back home for awhile, my stuff would be put the curb.  I better sell it while I am able.
  Next to the old Heisey factory is Hollophane.  I can remember field trips to the bottle factory.  Owens Corning is also near these old sites.  Silica must have been plentiful.  People used the natural resources of the time.  Canals were built.  Railroads were built around the commerce. 
There is a story about Newark around 1910 where 89% of the county was for prohibition, and voted to close the 88 taverns in Newark.  Even with that sort of support, it would have harmed the bottle plant (local economy) which was one of the largest in the country.  Somehow, even though the people voted to close the taverns, 87 of the taverns reopened within two weeks.  I would guess that prohibition was counterproductive:)
  It may just be the very same scenario with hemp and medical marijuana.  Old timers will tell you, that hemp rope was (hands down) the best rope ever made.  Hemp grew plentiful in Licking County, and the criminalization of growing it hurt the economy no doubt.  I would guess our county could pay off the national debt by the legalization of hemp and medical marijuana.  Who would it harm?  

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