Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Of My Favorite Paintings In Our Library

One of my favorite paintings in the Licking County Public Library is this painting that is located near the circulation desk on the main floor.  I haven't found the artists signature on it, and am curious to know more about it.  I am ready to start my series of historic buildings paintings in our county.  It had been my intention to capture our historic Childrens Home the day the wrecking ball came to demolish it.  I missed those photos by a day!
There are several old buildings marked with a white X in a red box signs that I am told are slated for demolition.  The Ohio Arts Council has given me a grant to replace my camera and start the painting series I had in mind.  Two of my neighbors have gifted me with paint that I would have had to wait to purchase, and my Perryton Story is started and pointing to the "small town America in collapse".  It is all coming together like puzzle pieces for me.  My own Grandmother seems to be an a state of neglect and collapse and I feel powerless and saddened by the senselessness of it all.  The art therapist in me wants to paint these things for you.  The writer in me wants to describe these things for you...and so I will.  The scientific part of my brain wonders if there may be a parallel to this small town  and civilization collapse and colony collapse disorder (vanishing bees), and I am wondering as an artist activist how I can bring that front and center somehow...someway.

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