Friday, April 25, 2014


I snagged this review from The Huffington Post email synopsis of the news today.  Both Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty have best sellers right now according to Huffington Post.  Their messages are very similar.  Here is the quote the post used today, and I look forward to our library ordering it, so I can read it.  I want to read both books.  I had already been familiar with Elizabeth Warren, and I expect to do a more thorough review on her book as soon as I can see more of it.

  I really don't need to be educated on these astonishing truths about our economics being rigged.  Capitalism is violent, evil, and seamless.  They use terms like rigged against the middle class.  That is a nice way of putting it I think!  Sometimes it is helpful though to read and hear others spin on my own observations.  It works a bit like singing a hymn along with others.  We resonate when we sing hymns.  Here is the Piketty quote.

"Based on analysis of over 200 years' worth of economic data from 20 countries, Capital argues that unfettered capitalism will inevitably lead to extreme income inequality. If world leaders are unwilling to shrink the widening gap by, say, imposing a global wealth tax or other mechanisms, the rich will continue to grow richer, leaving the rest of society behind. As Piketty explained on HuffPost Live last week, this could cause capitalistic societies to revert back to the economic conditions of the 18th and 19th centuries".

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