Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perryton Quilt

Yes it is tattered!  This is a quilt that was on our bed throughout my childhood.  I had three sisters at that time and we traded off bedspreads.  I remember it well.  It could be from the McKee/O'Flaherty side of my ancestry, or from the Hendershot/ side which would be Braid/Patton/Hendershot.  Women with maiden names and such were the ones who constructed these "blankets".  How can we know who exactly had her hand in this abd what was her hands name when she was sewing?  Maybe DNA will save me in the future of tracking this quilt down.  Anyway, I have it. I love it, but it needs tender loving care that is beyond my reach.  What should I do?  
I escaped calamity in Columbus with this quilt only because I packed them up with the rest of my blankets and bedding.  They are with me in spite of my enemies attacks and attempts to "disarm" me.  When I have a landlord or girlfriend that just doesn't care about my "belongings", it seems like an attack on my ancestry.....artifacts of MY ancestry that is.  The disregard for MY STUFF includes the stuff of my ancestors.
While I consider myself an artist in every way.....every day, I don't discount the ones who came before me.  My metal quilt was a response to my own heritage/  My own grandmother did not undrstand the need or art in a metal quilt, but after all, we just called them "blankets".

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