Monday, April 28, 2014

The Wall

A movie from the library called The Wall is a movie I highly recommend.  I saw it last night before bedtime and of course it had great effect on my dreams.  Movies like The Wall are a bit like travel.  Chances are, I won't ever travel to the Austrian countryside, so this was the next best thing!  There is breathtaking scenery and self dialogue that is reminiscent of Walden II.  The film was the winner of The Berlin International Film Festival.  I would place it at the top of my "doomer movie" list which I am told falls into the category of disporic fiction by one of "my librarians" who has taken courses in the subject.
  Today, I turn my attention to unfinished paintings...that is paintings that I started last summer when I was working on Everything's Peachy.  Perhaps my paintings fall into a "disporic" painting  category.  Certainly, this morning EIEIO has that feel to it.

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