Saturday, April 5, 2014

Art Supplies On The Way

Yesterday, I received a $20 gift card for Hobby Lobby.  What a wonderful surprise.  My new neighbors had a disabled car that I thought one of my friends could use, so I simply put them in touch with each other.  Everybody was happy with the deal, and I will be able to resume painting as soon as I get some replacement acrylic paint with this gift card.  I don't expect grant money before May 1st, so this will speed things up quite a bit.  Horners paint store used to carry art supplies downtown, as well as the office supply store.  Those places are vanishing fast.  Michaels vanished this winter, so I was going to have to wait till May, scope out the colors I need online.  I only need about 5 colors to begin again, but it will be nice to be able to buy a couple paint brushes in addition to paint.  I am using paint and brushes that are over 20 years old!  The great thing about Hobby Lobby is that I will most likely be able to replenish my epoxy glue, and maybe even get a crucial leather tool.  $20 can make a big difference in my life.  The difference between starting, resuming a project, or waiting.  When the weather gets warm, I will be able to resume jewelry making projects as I need air circulation to fire up my torch.

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