Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Pictures On Google

Yesterday, I spent the morning transferring pictures and documents from my flashdrives.  I am in need of photos to go along with the book I am writing, so I spent some time googeling the characters I am writing about.  In anticipation that I won't find pictures of everyone, I snapped some pictures of antiques, relics, and artifacts.  When I came across this old photo of these women quilting, I realized I have a quilt that is very much like the one they are working on in the picture.  I call my quilt the Perryton quilt because I am not sure if it comes from the McKee or O'Flaherty side of my family.  A librarian helped me locate the pattern in a quilt book, and I believe it is called Irish Chain.  My Grandmother who is both a McKee and O'Flaherty did not recognize it.  It came from the house she grew up in.  Without any signatures or markings, we may never know.  It very well could have came from Ireland, or Scotland. 

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