Saturday, August 25, 2012

Power Sources

Here is the old beauty shop that my apartment adjoins.  According to the electric meter, this side of the building has no service or power.  It strikes me more than a little odd that the extension cord (from the beauty shop front door) in the photo that goes to the combination miter saw at the next doors property and a circular saw the workers are using on the porch roof, is providing them power.  I know when my power is off I can't run a saw or anything that requires power!  My suspicion is that somehow they have "bootlegged" into my electric box (in my basement) and that I am paying for this construction project next door.  I have taken down the numbers of both the beauty shops meter and my meter for two days and the meter for the beauty shop's numbers have not changed.  I am pre-posting this blog on Friday to be published on Saturday and am about to call the power company so that they can catch the bootleggers in the act.  This whole new thing is much like the old thing...where I ended up paying Nesley Thomas's water bill for the year before I moved into her residence.  That of course will not be solved until we go to court next month.  This new problem will hopefully never see a court room, but I imagine someone has got some "splanin to do".  I am not trying to get myself evicted, but I will not tolerate someone taking advantage of me and my poverty.  This is a disgraceful type of deception and I am hoping that whoever is doing this will get the book thrown at them...imprisoned, fined, and that my electric bill can be modified to where I am paying for my power usage and no one else...thank you very much!

post script I am writing this six months later and am happy to report that my landlord is going to rewire my electric box so that I won't be responsible for power than I am not using to the back room where in fact the extra power drain was reflected for 6 months on my electric bill, and the St. Vincint De Paul Society paid the balance due on my electric bill.  When I found the breaker that went to the back room that adjoins my apartment and the beauty shop, I turned it off.  So...I have not had to pay for this problem for 6 months.  It is the difference between a good landlord and one like I had before which is a slumlord.

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