Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brown Tin

I got my eye on vintage Hershey's Cocoa tins on eBay for the metal quilt.  I won't get this one as it is priced at $9, and almost as much to ship!  Maybe I will get lucky and one will be up for grabs this year at the local thrift store or antique store.  The new ones have a paper label and are made out of plastic, otherwise I would just buy some cocoa with my food stamps and have a tin to use on my quilt.  I have faith that I will get brown, gray, and purple before the end of the project.  Let me know dearest readership if you spot any of these in metal out there in the world.  Most of the tins and trays I have cut up have cost less than a dollar, so you can imagine that I won't pay more than a few dollars to get what I want.  And...there will be other browns!

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