Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Pink And Mellow Yellow!

I cut out two more bow ties from the tin that Louise and I found in Columbus (Hot Pink), and the 25 cent yellow tin I found yesterday at the food pantry (mellow yellow).  I took my friend who is out of work to the food pantry Tuesday so that she didn't have to sit there all alone.  They have a thrift store in the front, and I spied a cute little mellow yellow tin, only big enough for a bow tie, and not big enough for a background square, while I was waiting for her.  I had to fight for both these pieces yesterday, but it was well worth sacrificing 4 saw blades and two hours of time.  I am now only shy of the color purple as I discovered I have some brown gutter spray paint I can use to make a square and a bow tie if I can't get a Hershey's tin.  There is always "more than one way to skin a cat" I have been told!  I am halfway finished with this project as of this coming weekend!

Also, against great odds, the magistrate has set aside his decision (May 2nd), due to my objection, and Nesley and I are going to trial after all (3 months after the decision in her favor:).  I couldn't be happier, as I look forward to exposing her for the slumlord she is, and damaging her chances of ever manipulating Franklin County Court system again!  I looked at the evidence I have acquired since last October when we went to court for the first hearing, and it is my belief that she may need a defense attorney this time around.  I look for her attorney to realize that at the pre trial he failed to ask me for discovery materials (which I could have provided had he asked).  It doesn't matter, I can give him discovery materials that will make him want to back out of the case, or I can just go to trial and surprise them with evidence that he has not seen yet.  I did notice that their original suit was for $3700 and they have dropped it down to $2400.  I have to wonder what changed since February?  The trial has not been set yet, so I have some time to inform all 3 credit reporting agency's that the plaintiff jumped the gun, and get that ($3700) taken off my record, as it is not over till the fat lady sings...and I haven't even started warming up yet!

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