Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stones To Work In

Still no saw blades in the mail today.  So my projects on the bench are on hold until I can cut some metal.  In the meantime, I am gathering all my turquoise from my toolboxes, jewelry boxes, and rock collection.  I can pull stones from junk jewelry that I won't ever wear and broken off jewelry that I can't wear.  I cut a few turquoise stones back in the day.  I started out as a stone cutter and moved into silversmithing from that hobby.  It was really just an extension of one hobby into the next progression of hobbies.  There is no sense in keeping this stuff around if I can re-fabricate it and sell it!  I am going to capitalize on my Native American ancestry and try to market it with the new knowledge of my linage.  No telling what I will find when I start digging around in my various tuck away spots.

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