Friday, June 1, 2012

Objecting The Magistrates Decision

It looks as though I will be traveling to Columbus today or tomorrow to file an objection to the magistrates decision in my case.  Somehow even though Nesley's attorney asked for a continuance and it was granted, they made a decision in favor of the plaintiff on May 3rd.  I have yet to see any documentation to that effect from the court.  I found out by corresponding with the court through email.  I had called both the plantiff's attorney and the court and was told the continuance had been granted, so I do not understand how this matter was decided.  It will cost me $20 to appeal, but I am confident that Nesley violated the Fair Housing Laws of Ohio and should be held accountable for such.  I need metal smithing supplies anyway so I can make a day of it...maybe even get some freegeek time in for my future computer.

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