Friday, June 15, 2012

Monogram For Brenda

Last spring when I started having difficulty with my landlord and X girlfriend, my friend Brenda sent me money in the mail for a monogram silversmithing project.  She only asked that I not put any negativity into it.  You wouldn't think that would be hard to do, but with so much hatred and deception directed towards me I found it almost an impossible request.  You have to know Brenda to understand fully that she would be attuned to negative energy and would not want to possess or touch it.  She wants this to be made into the shape of a old fashoned key that she can wear around her neck.  Today while I was waiting for saw blades, I had some time to find the perfect monogram for this project.  I will start cutting out the pieces tonight or tomorrow as I want her to have it for Comfest this month.  I am confident that any negativity directed my way is deflected back to the sender.  I feel better (physically and mentally) than I have in years.
While I feel there is still much hatred being directed towards me, I am not internalizing it.  I have broken the spell and am putting out some of my best work.  It has taken awhile to get to this place.  Who wouldn't buckle under the kind of ill will that has been sent my way for almost 2 years in August?  Maybe I have moved so many times they are sending it to the wrong place.  I still have no official word from the court as of today but I expect something in the mail by this weekend.  That means Monday I have to get a money order and my objection to put in the mail to the court.  While that is going to be a pain, it is necessary to put all this behind me.  I am grateful to have another opportunity to expose evil to the light!

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