Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Made Rivet Hammer

I was given a commercial rivet hammer a few years ago for being a volunteer (silversmith assistant) at the Arsenal in downtown Columbus.  Prior to that I made one out of an old punch and part of a burnt up broom handle.  Since I have a real rivet hammer now, I no longer need the old home made one.  The old steel punch and handle can be used for something else that I don't have.  Also of note are the brass brads from a brass hinge and fastener set I have had laying around.  These little brass brads can be used as rivets when I cut off the pointed end and hammer it down.  The Papst Blue Ribbon can was cut into a bow tie and riveted down to a 3"/3" red square that I cut out of a 50 cent serving tray from a thrift store.  This project has had very little cost so far, and I am hoping the rest of it will be recycled and free.  This rivet hammer and brass brads are an example of what my grandmother calls "making do".

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