Monday, June 11, 2012

Beaded Necklace Patterns

I have been researching the patterns of color in coral snakes so that I can make a seed bead necklace in the same pattern to add to my growing Native American jewelry collection.  Of course it is more complex than just a set pattern.  It turns out there are all sorts of them (snakes with those colors).  This is a picture of a milk snake next to a coral snake.  Both patterns will look great in a seed bead necklace and matching feather.  I wouldn't want to have to try to figure out which one of these guys is poisonous and which one isn't in a real life situation.  I guess I would just avoid brother snake altogether and not stick around to marvel at his colors!  Can you guess which is the coral snake and which is the milk snake?  Here is the link with the story.  My surgery didn't happen this morning as I had anticipated.  I was referred to another surgeon and the appointment put off into the future.  Meantime, I can concentrate on the work on my bench.

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