Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stocking The Pond

Each time I come to the library I bring a few books to donate for their ongoing book sale.  I realize that I will not reread most of the books that I have as there are so many other books that I want to read, and "so little time" as well as diminishing space.  I have been thinning out my own collection to make room for something else.  After moving countless times and getting too old to carry heavy book cartons, I realize that I need to lighten my load.  I have observed over the years that the younger generation lacks critical thinking skills (some of the older people lack them as well).  Perhaps it is because critical thinking isn't taught in the schools any more, or that critical thinking skills are in opposition to our consumer based society (mindless consumerism).  At any rate I should not hoard the books that have fed my knowledge.  This is my way of "stocking the pond".  Today I donated The Complete Works Of Shakespeare, a book about Einstein, and Toni Morrison's fictional book Paradise.  Last week I donated the Complete Works Of Edgar Allen Poe.  As I sift and sort through my books and belongings I find that there has been a wealth of material I have retained and even used to my benefit.  Some of it I have reread and found even more gold kernels of knowledge, and some of it is still just as fresh as when I read it the first time around.  Hopefully the soul that buys these old books will appreciate having them as much as I have and will get the pleasure of learning as I have. 

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