Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outsourcing Native America

Yesterday I went thrift store shopping for something I could wear this Sunday for my drum performance in Columbus.  I found this wonderful shirt that matches the colors of my drum.  This is a well made garment that I paid $3.50 cents for, but unfortunately was made in China!  I bought it anyway, because I can not get anything better that is more authentic.  It is my hope that in the future I can make genuine artifacts to fill in the void that the Chinese are presently capitalizing on.  After all, if no one is making it here, then why not let someone else make it?  In the meantime in between making feathers and the metal quilt, I have heard from the court and they are going to let me appeal the magistrates decision.  I am thrilled beyond measure today, and feel as though I am walking on air.  I can only imagine the dismay of the plaintiff and her attorney to have their tricks exposed, and their empty victory snatched away from them.  I look forward to exposing my X landlord for the slumlord she is, and perhaps she will realize that she messed with the wrong person this time.  Perhaps her other tenants will take heart, and realize that having an unethical attorney is really a liability.  Thank you dear readers for your patience, good thoughts, and prayers.  You really came through for me.  The library is closed tomorrow until after 1:00pm, and I may be in Columbus by then filing my appeal and checking out the law library.

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