Friday, June 8, 2012

First Panel Of The Metal Quilt

I completed the first panel of the metal quilt yesterday, and started on the second.  Syd has taken to the jewelers bench and likes to play and lay on the pieces of the bow tie!  This panel is 3/3 copper base with a brass bow tie on top.  I will be drumming Sunday morning at The Maynard Ave. Methodist Church and may not be able to blog (library opens late and closes early) depending on what else I might get into in Columbus.  I feel I must check my email everyday to see if I sold my feather on eBay, so for the next 10 days, I will need to come to the library for a few minutes (to check my email) as I don't want to miss out on a possible sale.  The drum performance this Sunday is at the church on Indianola and Maynard (my old neighborhood) and at 9:45 am.  It has been a couple months since I drummed with the Columbus Womens Drum Chorus, so I may be a little rusty.

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