Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Syd And My Christmas/Solstice Greeting

I have received some very nice Christmas cards this year.  I confess that I have no means of returning them EXCEPT that I take pictures of THINGS and BEINGS if I am quick enough to see them, or capture them.  My Christmas/Solstice card this year is a shot of Syd, my cat trying to break out of our room (Break On Through To The Other Side) through the window pane.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank you for your sentiments and well wishing.  Thank you for the time you took to address the envelope, adhere the stamp...and send us the message. I thank you for the good wishes you send us.  We are both celebrating the holidays in gratitude for the roof over our head and sanctuary!.  As Mrs. Gray would say "we are tunneling out".

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