Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Come Up And See Me Sometime

I have been very busy through the holidays making my Christmas Feathers.  It is something I do every year right up through Christmas Eve.  On December 17th (8 days before Christmas), I got a series of threatening emails from my 17th follower (no longer a follower) Dee Ames.  Dee refuses to accept the fact that I have every right to pursue the matter of the unpaid phone bill through the legal system, and has vowed to "find you" me (giving me my temporary address in the message).  Even though I really didn't have time for it, I contacted Dee's former employers, City Attorney, County Prosecutor, Police Sargent, etc. just so that I could be sure that my sister and I will be safe from Dee's threats through the holidays.  Hopefully somebody made a phone call to her and warned her that she could be prosecuted for her veiled ( and not so veiled) threats.  Each of them encouraged me to file formal charges which would have involved at least 2 trips to Columbus during my busiest time of the year.

Should Dee decide to "find you" (me), she will undoubtedly encounter very harsh road conditions, dead zone cell service, and wacko GPS systems.  The road to and from here is very unfriendly to the unsuspecting traveler.  When someone comes to visit us we have to go fetch them from wherever they can describe being lost!  This shot was taken at about 3:30 in the afternoon on a day that the fog never lifted.  It is a pity that the evil ones would think they can intimidate me, and laughable that they would threaten to come out here and cause trouble.  We are pretty remote and have to constantly be servicing our vehicles just to go about our daily business.  It would be costly in many ways for Dee Ames to come out here.  She might have to get a realignment, new tires, and possibly exhaust just to what...stick her nose in something that isn't any of her business?

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skymetalsmith said...

I spoke too soon! Dee has now created an elaborate online identity and got into my email yesterday through another name. I don't know what she is trying to prove, but she is gonna find herself arrested, firearm confiscated, with a leg bracelet on, confined to her house if she does not stop contacting me.