Saturday, December 17, 2011


We have a new follower to Concha's Cauldron folks.  Retired officer Dee Ames has joined us this week making my following 17.  Welcome Dee.  I suggest you click on some of my genealogical links if you are interested in my family and upbringing.  My grandmother made me the family genealogist before she died.  I have lovingly posted all the charts and continued finding my ancestors through the internet and local graveyards.  The links are broken down into charts and some of our family history is rich with details.  The links to the right are blogs I follow, links to my fiction and short stories which I published early this year and even got paid for writing them!  At the very bottom is a slide show of some of my pottery.  And of course there is the blog index that goes all the way back to 2007 when I decided to begin keeping a daily journal of my present thoughts and reflections on the past.  Each link on here is personal to my interests and perhaps you will want to visit those links too.  I want to welcome you to our little group and encourage you to keep an open mind.  Stay as long as you like, encourage others to join if you wish. 

post script:  Dee has opted to un join my official followers and has probably joined the ranks of my shadow following.  It could be that she got a call from the desk Sargent of The Columbus Police Department as this is her second warning to stop harassing me.  I published one of Dee's comments yesterday on Paperless Billing and answered her accusations.  She has a problem with me taking Lori to court for the unpaid phone bill.  Lori has obviously given Dee my social security number from the credit reports I shared with her last Monday.  Dee used that information to obtain my court records and I feared that she would try to do some identity theft as she is bent on harming me any way she can.  I told the Sargent that I knew that Dee's police issued revolver was used to shoot at least two women in Dee's past and that she has told me she will find me and even tried to publish my address.  This morning she tried to comment again under a new username but I won't publish any more of her comments as she is not really trying to contribute to solutions and may very well be creating more problems.    

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skymetalsmith said...

Dee has created yet a 3rd identity and managed to get through to my email today Dec.28th. As soon as I can get to Columbus I will be filing charges.