Thursday, December 29, 2011

Almost Done

I am almost finished making my Christmas gifts for 2011.  I am out of saw blades and have to wait for my Social Security check to purchase more materials.  I can now turn my attention to Valentines Day 2012.  Last year I gave Lori a sterling silver and copper feather for Valentines Day and her birthday.  I still read the email exchange from time to time and wonder how in the world my getting permission to drop off these with a card could anyhow be construed into a civil protection order.  I also wonder if she has told anyone about this email exchange as the folks that have attacked me don't seem to know about it.  Had there been a hearing on the matter, I most certainly would have been able to present the evidence that I had permission to put those presents on her porch.  I left cat brushes and treats.  I left the soaker hose I borrowed.  I left the broom that belonged to Lori's dad that was nearly stolen by Nesley's workmen.  I gave her back the fence I would not be needing as I was moving.  I left the zerox printer that previously belonged to Norka.  I wrote her letters as to what I would be trying to drop off in the future and thanking her for the use of the items.  I always called and left a message the day I would be dropping things off.  I made sure she would be at work during those times as I did not want to upset her.  It isn't any wonder that the civil protection order was dropped without prejudice as it had no basis in reality.  These other unfortunate individuals that Lori has taken up with are unethical and would not think twice about twisting my good intentions into something that would be interpreted as stalking, or destruction of property etc.  I heard that Nesley dumped my jewelry chemicals down the drain and then claimed I ruined her plumbing.  That is the sort of person Nesley is but that is not the sort of person Lori is.  I can only imagine that one of these days Lori won't have anything to do with Nesley.  Nesley is like gum on my shoe, and the sooner I get it off the easier it will be to get on down the road.  I have a month to prepare for trial.  Nesley and her unethical attorney don't have any concrete evidence and can only fabricate lies that I anticipated.  They only know one trick which is to twist the truth into a lie.  I will be anticipating each and every lie and trick as I have since April.  Her only way out of the trap of her own making is to drop the case.  Of course that may not be possible as I have filed a counter suit to recover the damages to my property.  The table could very easily be turned and she could be the defendant in Common Pleas Court if the judge kicks it up into a higher court.  In the meantime their warped little plan didn't work and I am free to continue on my projects.  I am almost done as my sister would say.

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