Friday, December 16, 2011

Paperless Billing

I am having an Andy Rooney Moment this morning!  Something as simple as car insurance should not be as difficult as my current insurance company is making it.  I shopped around for my car insurance, switched companies 5 times in a year because of the billing problems.  Most companies are now charging more to those of us who send in money orders.  But I have also found that some companies bill customers for using a debit card to pay the bill.  So on one hand I am penalized for using paper, and on the other hand I am charged a fee for using plastic.  My recent insurance company sends me so much mail that I have had to get an overstuffed file to put the unread mail in as well as a file for the opened car insurance mail.  Each envelope says "Important Insurance Information Enclosed: Please Open Immediately.  Most of the time it is not important at all, but redundant information that I already have!  Now I ask you dearest reader, why should I go to paperless billing and then have so much paper to deal with on a weekly basis?  Isn't the whole point of going paperless to save the forest's?  I confess I miss the old curmudgeon Andy Rooney.  I think of him every time I get more junk mail, and supposedly important insurance information.  I know what he would say, and I know he wouldn't disappoint me.  I feel a kindred bond with him, and know he is out there somewhere in the cosmos frowning and shaking his head.  This photo of Andy is from a website called Mentalfloss.  The author speaks of his inner Andy Rooney which I am sure Andy would think that to be funny.


Anonymous said...

You came up with 72 dollars to file your small claim case. That is more than half of the phone bill! Do you think you might just owe Lori for the abuse you perpetrated on her? were the victim right? Lori has no convictions. :/

skymetalsmith said...

First of all let me welcome you to my blog Dee Ames. It is true that Lori has no convictions. It is also true that she smuggled drugs into the women's prison for her X girlfriend who was convicted of bank robbery. It is true that Lori committed Unemployment fraud. Most criminals do not get caught. I owe Lori nothing as I paid my bills in full. She not only didn't take care of the phone bill as promised, she hid the fact from me by not forwarding the mail, or the collections letters. FYI I had to borrow money for the small claim and I didn't perpetrate any abuse. I simply tried to get Lori to pay the phone bill. In the future could you limit your comments to the subject matter? This blog post was about paperless billing. I have asked you to stop emailing me, and calling me...I even filed a police report with Detectives downtown. Maybe even some of your old buddies. You are the abusive one. As far as your comment about me being a pacifist...I have never made such claims and I don't know where you ever got that idea. The other matters you brought up have been spoken of in previous blogs...all the way back to 2007. Your brother was involved in that case which was REALLY about trying to obtain my medical records. You claim to only wish to deal with the's out there. You won't find "the truth" in a municipal system that would allow a person to impersonate a shrink, take money for it for two years and then when reported to Ohio Social Workers launched her 3 prong legal attack. If you have any future comments for this blog then you will have to limit yourself to the subject of the day's blog. I am being lenient with you today as you are new here and must surely be confused about where and when to comment. The purpose of this blog and its contents are for the sole purpose of keeping my family and friends abreast to what I am thinking about and what I am doing. If you don't like what I write about then don't read it!