Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cyber Crimes And Criminals

We can all breathe easy now.  Dee (17th Follower that is now unfollowing) is now working for the cyber crimes unit for the BCI.  Dee is a legend... in her own mind.  Dee was briefly the 17th follower to this blog and graced me with 22 spam comments to moderate that had nothing to do with the topic of course.  She has two police reports on her abusive comments, emails, and threats, and I have graciously given her one more chance.  Obviously she is just testing the BCI's system for them...troubleshooting LOL!  I was absolutely right on spot to not let that woman into our home to smoke pot with us a few years ago.  Sometimes it takes a while to find out the good judgement calls from our inner guide.  I put up with all sorts of crap just so Lori could get a buzz back in the day.  Lori gets headaches if she doesn't smoke.  I had to put up with old girlfriends just getting out from between robberies.  Former fellow employees that beat their kid, wife, and pit bull right in front of us while we were waiting for our little bag of smoke.  Drunk girlfriends who didn't know what weighed more a pound of gold or a pound of feathers so could not for the life of them add up the amount we owed for our precious purchase LOL!  But I held firm and resolute that I would not stoop so low to smoke dope with a how no way!  And for some reason Dee is having trouble understanding that this is my personal web log and online journal.  She doesn't have to read it if she doesn't want to!  Two months ago Dee boasted that I was going to get a TPO charge and she had two cops and a lawyer on her pay role.  Now she is armed with my social security number that I freely gave Lori last Monday in court.  I figure I am in for some bizarro cyber ride.  Identity Theft here I come!    

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