Monday, December 19, 2011


My "mediation" about the damage to my property is at 9:AM today.  It (the hearing (mediation)) is really about the $3000 plus she, (my landlord) is charging me for "damages" to her property...  I will go, as I have lost vital tools this year as a result of a false promise of a dry basement from my landlord Nesley Thomas 2108 Paul Drive Columbus Ohio 43211...  I can not recover my money (my damages) except through a counter I really do have to go to this.  They have already turned the matter over to collections.....before trial!  I am not sure what exactly I am mediating!  I will use the opportunity while in Columbus to do other things and see other people.  I don't guess Nesley and her (coughs) attorney wanted they wanted to prematurely turn this into collections before trial....before I could show the court the damage she has done to my tools equipment etc.  Now I must expose their fraud prior to official trial!  Hey....if you are in the area and are should drop in on  the "mediation" tomorrow where Concha gets gang banged by the system...because she cant afford an unethical attorney!  Do I sound cynical?  So sorry....we all know that the system will protect the underdogs, the handycapped and thedowntrodden....Oh....why do ya suppose they call them down trodden and who does the trodden?  Do ya know what I mean?

post script:  I attended the mediation this morning via telephone.  It was as I suspected an attempt to examine my evidence prior to trial by the plaintiff and her attorney.  As also expected nothing got settled.  It is very likely that this matter will go to trial.  The only way it wouldn't go to trial would be if Nesley would decide to drop the case.

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