Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Language Of Flowers

The perfect frame appeared in my recyle frame bin the other day.  I cut the Sparta painting down so that it would fit.  I am not going to bother with starting any more paintings that do not have a definate frame for as it is too problematic to come up with a frame in time for exhibition entrys and deadlines.  The Sparta painting is front and center this week.  My friend has an original Scull painting that lost the poppy that goes with the professor character in the foreground.  She tells me that the Poppy in the painting represents this street characters drug addiction.  Today, I am looking for a book called The Language Of Flowers....maybe I will find a clue there.  I was planning on cutting out a metal flower for Sadie and Sahara (Annie Liebowitz photo)...a poppy would be pretty, but my friend tells me that the twins were not into drugs.  If Billy Holiday were in the painting, I would put a gardenia....Scarlet O'Hara would get something from the South...My frined Hapi would carry a Yellow Rose.  Only time will tell what ends up in this painting.  More will be revealed dear readers:)  For sure, I am having way too much fun with all the possibilities.

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