Sunday, February 16, 2014

Simply Living Newsletter And Local Seed Library

In 2012 when my kiln was busted and I stopped paying my deadbeat landlord rent in order to make her take me to court, I used some of the would be rent money to join Simply Living in Columbus Ohio.  Even though I haven't been able to update my dues, they gave me some positive press on my painting Everything's Peachy.
In truth, the ideas inspired by Simply Living have stayed with me since my move to Licking County.  The Licking County Library has a seed and sprout sharing library that is also inspiring to me even though I no longer have southern exposure and it is difficult to garden at my apartment.
I made our seed library a seed packet bird house display.  It is colorful and cute, and all the seeds are still inside the packets.  Hopefully more folks will be drawn to the catalogue and try their hand at gardening this year.

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