Thursday, February 13, 2014

Post Cards For VSA Event

The post cards for VSA 2014 Accessible Expressions came in the mail this week.  I only got 7 of them this year.  Dearest readership, if you are somewhere where you can snag a few of these....last year I sent out about 25 of them...get them for me.  If I get some more by March 1st, I should be able to send them out.  Till then, I am low on change, low on phone minutes, and no way to communicate my needs that won't cost me anything.  Communication has become too expensive for me in the 21st century.  No phone, no gas, no money, no way of getting a hold of any of these things, or anybody to speak for me.  Tapped out, is what we call that in modern day povertyville.  Still, I hope many of you will consider commissions, buying jewelry, or in kind donations.  I survived on those last year.

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