Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Edmistons Art And Frame

This is a building that I am considering to put in a painting.  I spent a lot of time and money in that building in the 1980's.  These days it is the tatoo parlor parking area.  These days I have to make my own frames.  Times change...change is good...mostly.  I refuse to go to a big box store frame shop.  I am not going to be part of outsourcing this part of my art.  The frame I used for Everything's Peach is made out of that carpet tacking that we never see because it is hidden and the purpose is so the carpet doesn't slip around.  I found a box of it by my landlords dumpster last summer when I needed a fame.  It was hard to handle without gloves as it has nails going both ways.  Most people change the frame when they buy a painting.  My frames are made from recycled material, and made in the USA!  There is much to do before the upcoming Accessible Expressions show, and I will be busy till then.

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