Friday, May 17, 2013

The Evolution Of Sketch

Most of my work evolves from sketch's.  The sketch doesn't usually survive the evolution of the project, but rather it precludes the final creation.  Consequently, I do not have many sketches in my personal library at home.  Once in a while though, I run across an old sketchbook and am surprised to find that I don't remember sketching the thing, and wonder what if anything I can do with it just in the form of a sketch.  For this reason I am thinking about starting another blog to post these sketches whenever I find one of them.

  I have moved about 10 times (I am not kidding you!) since this photo taken in 1998.  With so many moves in such a short time span, it is hard to keep track of things (like sketchbooks).  Most everything in this photo I have not seen since the photo shoot, such as the book in my lap, and the coffee mug in my hand.  The bracelet on my arm was destroyed by the Columbus police when I was falsely arrested a year later.  I had a stalker, I had complained to the landlord as he was bothering my female friends as well as me...and somehow his sister managed to get me arrested before I could file a report.  It is a terrible thing to be stalked, and a worse thing to be beaten within an inch of your life defending your the very people who are sworn to protect.  Be that as it many places I have lived, and so many possessions I have lost along the way, and things stolen right off the moving truck!  I emerge a wiser woman, and frankly I wouldn't even dream of dialing 911 until after I "immobilized" (the nicest way of saying that I won't have it next time) my stalker.  That may seem bold and cruel to some of you....but if you haven't walked in my shoes, then you really can't advise me on when or if to call the police.  Stay tuned for a new blog post with a future link to my sketchbook.  Maybe someone else can make use of such a thing.

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