Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sketch Diary Projects

I just got word yesterday (Friday) that I will be vending at Pearl Market Friday June 7th.  I am pulling all the stops out, and trying to fill up my display case by then.  This is a very wonderful opportunity, and I am going to make the most of it.  Previously, I mentioned that soon I would launch another blog dedicated to "the sketch"...but I really am not sure about that, and until I am, then my sketch book will go here (Concha's Cauldron) as really the sketches that become objects are a vital part of my story.  Here is a photo of the first Concho that I will make for my very own Concho belt.  The blue belt I earned in Karate will do nicely for the belt itself.  I recycle everything...even Karate belts!  This will be a fun project...and I sure do hope I can get some funding for it, because I want some of the Concho's to be with silver included.   This piece front and center is going to be regretfully copper over brass with my prize turquoise stone.  The stone comes from Rio Grande and an in kind donation...the brass donated last month, along with the copper.  This project is going to be fun, and a very traditional type project for an Indian craftsperson.  For now I am going to call this project Concha Castanedas Blue Belt.  I look forward to sharing each one of the concho's as they are forming and transforming.  I knew I wasn't supposed to keep that blue belt stashed away in a drawer!

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