Monday, May 6, 2013

Closed On Sundays

I had quite the refreshing time this weekend with my painter friend near the zoo!  We were both working from photographs but we approach our layout differently.  It is always good to see how other artists work.  My friend is painting a diner scene, and I am working on painting my way out of Newark.  My belief in magic motivates me to paint a scenario that would transport me out of Licking County and back into Franklin County where my drum sisters are.
I know of no other artist that actually works that I am pretty much out there....on my own on this.  Nothing ventured nothing gained as the saying goes.  I found myself saying to my librarians "I am going to paint my way out of this town".  They probably thought I meant that I am going to try to sell my paintings for the money to leave, when in the sense that I spoke of I meant that I would create a scene, put myself in that scene...move myself to another scene.  I have no idea if it will work...I just need to try it and see.
Many people speak of "magical thinking" and they are talking about something that is entirely different than magical being.  I believe in magic, and so magical thinking is just a preliminary process to magical doing.  My painter friend is not a witch, and so I felt totally comfortable just painting with her in her studio without explaining that I was attempting a magical experiment.
I am reminded of the cave men and women who painted the hunt on the cave wall before actually going on the real hunt.  I look forward to seeing my painter friend's completed diner.  We had a lot of fun imagining who all was in the diner, and what there names were.  The library is now closed on Sundays, so I will not be able to blog or check email on those days.  Not to worry though, I will plan accordingly.

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