Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Proud To Be An American Shorthair

This morning I recycled my metal at Dick Shermans recycling.  I got there just as the collection of cats were gathering for their moring chow.  The last time I visited was in the pouring down rain.  I saw lots of cats, but not as many as I did this morning.  These cats are happy cats...most of them "fixed".  They have plenty of food and water.  They were coming in and out of the pay window, which is what I was aiming for in my photographic pursuits this morning.  There are about 40 of them.  I asked questions this morning....like "have you found any kittens yet?".  They haven't, but I am not surprised as there are so many places a mother cat could hide a litter there.  The nice man at the payment window told me that most all of his cats are "fixed" which is a relief.  They seemed healthy and happy.  There are so many cats in our town that are not taken care of, so it is refreshing to do business with someone who is doing the right thing by them.  A + for Dick Sherman.

Now for the second order of business for today.  It has come to my attention that I have not apparantly made myself clear in relation to not being able to store any more CHRISTMAS tins.  I won't be working with tins till later in the summer...and I can assure you that I won't be using Santa, or Mrs Clause, Rudolph or his deermates....no stockings, no matter how hung with care they are...no more snowey pine trees, or wreaths.  There is no way I am going to encorporate Christmas tins into my work...so please no more Christmas.  Solid greens...solid reds...are OK...just no more Christmas cheer OK?  If I were going to do another quilt, which I am not sure that I am, it would not be until July that I would start it, and I won't be having any lack of Red or Green.  Don't spend your money on any more tins for awhile.  Thank you for the ones that you have donated to me thus far.  I will be lightening my load in the near future and only keeping the tins that I know I can use.  I do not pay for trash....so if I have boxes full of tins sitting around my house that I can not use, then I would be hoarding.  Those of you who know me best, know that I am recovering from living with a hoarder for 7 years.  While I am not a minimalist by any long shot, I won't be accepting anything that I have to store, or move, or find a place for.  I don't want peoples junk....or ideas about me being so poor that I have to accept the charity of peoples junk.  What I lack is cash for the things I can not buy...gasoline, sterling silver, solder, polishing wheels, paint (specific colors), hardware, glue (specialty glues), glue remover, saw blades (for my jewlers saw), polishing wheels for my dremel, A kevlar glove for my left hand....for when I am trying to cut tin (not Christmas tins as they are not worth cutting myself over).  I don't need no stinkin Christmas tins! LOL...and please stop offering me cats, and I don't care how cute or in need they are...I AM NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY MORE CATS!  I pay rent for Syd, and he misses the outside cats, but we can't feed them, and we can't pay for another cat.  We could use some flea medicine...so if you bought a box of tins for me at an auction recently...thanks for thinking of us....but what we really need is flea meds, not any more tins....not any more cats.  End Of Rant.

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