Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Powhatan Princess Jewelry

For a year now, I have known about my native American linage through my great grandmother Laura Bell Bolen.  I have been making jewelry since the 1980's, and making indian jewelry all along the way, without knowing my genealogy.  When I lived on Wyoming Street, I put  damaged silver dollars on the train tracks to flatten them into bracelet size lengths.  It was only when I started being a teaching assistant that I was introduced to the rolling mill.  My latest in my Powhatan Princess line is this turquoise ring which I am trying out today to see how it feels before marketing it.  I have been busy searching for grants, making art, and learning stuff.  I don't seem to be able to learn fast enough for all that I am trying to do.  Today, I got an invitation to enter into a project called Project Berlin "Which Gate?" from factory art.  The deadline is May 20th.  I looked at their site, and my art would definately fit...there is just not enough time to get good pictures before May 20th.  Their next deadline is in June....my legal situation comes up again mid June so I can not imagine being grounded enough to jump through the necessary hoops.  My life has been on terminal hold it seems since June 2011.  I will be glad to put all that behind me so that I can see what happens when I can fully engage

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