Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Out Of Gas

About a week acetylene torch started sputtering.  Upon investigating, I found the gauge was reading just above empty.  I finished the penny project and soldered a couple feathers and shut the torch down to go away for my painting holiday.  This morning I ran completely out of gas while soldering the silver on both the bracelet and the matching ring.  I am so close to finishing both projects that I could scream!  But that is just the way it goes in the metal shop, I am always running out of something.  A replacement tank of acetylene was on my art council grant list, and it was one of the things I waited on as I wasn't completely out of it, and there were other things I was completely out of at the time.  Lucky for me, there isn't a thing on the bench right now that is pressing.  My plan is to refocus my attention on my clay piece and my painting...neither of those projects needs acetylene.  I have been making a coil pot in pueblo style that does not require a potters wheel or a kiln...which is good as I have neither.  I heard that there was some talk about my wasting my time and talent on copper.  There is some truth to that, as it takes just the same amount of effort, skill, and time to do the same projects out of silver...and of course the obvious price hike because of the cost of silver versus copper and brass.  I do what I can, with what is available and within reach.  It is true that the Zuni bear is exquisite in sterling!  This one in copper will go in my display case, and if a customer wants one in silver, they will have to pay me a deposit so I can get the silver to do it.  Which is better, no Zuni bear, or a copper one?  I am sorry if I disappoint some folks....I don't have the luxury of fixing a problem by throwing money at it.  It could be weeks before I can fill up the tank, and rather than pine away because of it, I would rather keep my mind on what I can do.

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