Sunday, November 27, 2011

Workshop Art

It looks like a basic cinder block garage.  But magic things go on inside.   I was pleasantly surprised to come across this early landscape of Tom Parry's metal shop hanging proudly over his desk.  I knew what it was instantly.  It has all the elements of art therapy and was done by Tom Parry's daughter Natasha when she was a very little girl probably 1st or 2nd grade.  Notice the picture is titled The Parry Farm, but the house is absent as well as the other buildings on the property.  That little girl knew that Toms metal shop was the center and heart of his farm.  It shows elements of cubism in that you can see at least 3 sides of the garage.  There is a great sense of balance the young artist achieved as the 3 gravel roads intersect much like the shop is nestled in the crotch of a tree.  Tosh is now in her early 20's and I am happy to see her art in the shop.  Daddy is still proud!  I feel right at home.  I will be working in Tom's studio today making my feathers for Christmas presents.  What a great place for me to land after such a turbulent month.  My tools are safe and dry, and I have everything I need to continue all my projects.  I may even finally get to learn welding!  The spirit of love permeates the shop, and I realize once again how lucky I am to be able to get away from those who would do me harm and would destroy my tools.  Perhaps I will add some art of my own to Tom's collection.  Here is a photo I snapped of the right side of his garage leading to an old hand built saw mill that is still on the property.  I worked for Tom's uncle Lee and can see that Tom like his uncle continues the love and care of the property.

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