Monday, November 28, 2011

Deer Hunting Season

Today is the first day of deer hunting with "guns" in my neck of the woods.  It is also cyber Monday, the day people shop online.  The hunters have been practicing daily up till now, and the deer I have seen have been pretty nervous.  I for one, will be glad when this is all over, and peace and quiet descends on the woods...and the shopping centers.  I dread November, December, and January 1st.  People are crazy this time of the year.  Right now it seems risky to go out side or to drive into the city.   Drunken hunters and eager shoppers are seeking out their "targets"...spending their "bucks"...apparently rolling in the "doe".  Perhaps I should be grateful that today most housewives are quietly shopping online while their men are out disrupting the woods.  When I was in high school I had to pump gas for the hunters.  My ma had to make them sandwiches.  Deer season was our most profitable time of the year at our little country store.  But I never got over having to look into the dead vacant eyes in the vehicles while I pumped gas.  I never got over having to wait on men who were drunk out of their minds and making passes at girls half their age...It was, and is, something to be endured even today.  I so wish that the odds could be evened and that hunters were hunted this time a year.  Law enforcement out here is scarce, and the economy teeters.  Much revenue in fines and court costs could be made just on busting unruly hunters.  It is pouring down rain today and cold.  That is comforting to me.  It won't be easy to hunt today or tomorrow.  Maybe Bambie and Rudolf can have a couple more days of peace.

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