Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sparrow By Mary Doria Russell

I make a few feathers every year during the Christmas Holidays.  It was only recently that I learned that a friend who buys them was inspired by the book The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell.  I started the book the other day and am surprised it is Sci Fi.  Right now it has a Dune series feel to it as it is mixing religion with Science Fiction.  I have always included feathers in some of my designs.  But my friend just wanted plain feathers which have turned out to be the cornerstone of my silversmithing.  I had always imagined the feathers being a Native American thing and most of the feathers I have made have been eagle feathers.  For my friend Tim, The Sparrow was a profound book and he delights in giving these feathers away for Christmas presents and gifts for about 10 years in my recollection.  I look forward to finishing the book and hopefully enlightening myself this coming Thanksgiving weekend when the family descends on us, and I may need to curl up with a good book and escape from the chaos for a little while.  Reading has always been a big part of my life, and I look forward to getting back into it for pleasure instead of study this season.  And I look forward to learning why my feathers are such a  profound symbol to my friend Tim.

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