Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is a photo of my storage shed that I rented in October after round one with my landlord in court.  I snapped pictures as I packed it so that I would be able to have a record of where everything is.  Order in chaos is very important in my instance as I knew I would want a basic workshop somewhere on this end.  I will be retrieving more tools and files my next trip to Columbus and exchanging these things for things I took but don't really need.  My sister and I are going to try to construct a storage shed this spring.  She needs one...almost everyone I know needs one...and we have the winter to plan it out.  I once found a whole website dedicated to "the shed" and I can imagine we can make one for very little investment.  In the meantime I will be tweaking my spaces and hopefully downsizing to the next smaller storage unit.  This is a 10/15 and I may be able to downsize to a 10/10 if the weather holds.

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Sandra said...

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