Friday, November 5, 2010

One Giant Step Closer

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Yesterday my burnout oven was vented making it possible to do lost wax casting in my studio. This is a first for me. I had an outside upstairs porch in Newark that I set up my burn out oven. But the centrifuge was in my kitchen around the corner in those days and that is just too much space in between the two machines. The burn out kiln produces harmfull fumes for several hours and several metalsmiths have paid the ultimate price by ignoring that detail. Back in my Newark days, I held my breath when I checking the kiln. I was a smoker, so I pretty much knew my lungs were trashed anyway. I felt the risk was worth the product I was pursuing.

The ventilation in my present studio is a converted spray booth originally for ceramics. When the switch is on the fumes are sucked out of the studio and into the atmosphere. In this instance under my front porch. I am just a couple of details away from being able to open shop.

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