Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freecycle Dot Com

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I am a fan of freecycle. I look at what is offered everyday and I offer something at least once a week. The goal is to keep stuff out of the landfills by posting on the site.
Main rules:
Everything must be FREE, legal, age-appropriate
You must be an Ohio resident and 18+ to join
It is encouraged your first post be an OFFER
DO realize we are high-traffic, you may want Daily Digest or Special Notice
DO read FC_Guidelines and the FAQ in the Files section before posting to eliminate post returns
Emails/IDs MUST be family friendly
ONE subscription per family/household please
ZERO tolerance for the following: animals, money, trading, alcohol, drugs, weapons, spam, intangibles, harassment

I find that this is the easiest way not to hoard. If I don't need it and I am not using it, then why not give it to someone who does and who will use it.

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Sue's News said...

I LOVE freecycle! One of the first articles on my BLOG was about freecycle. [I probably should re-run the article] My all-time favorite thing that we got was FREE DIRT! The ad said "free dirt" and I answered and Gerald went and brought home a truckload of sod! He was able to fill in a lot of places in our yard!

We also advertise to give away a lot of things: I have quite a list of people that I share coupons with; several people pick up magazines from me and during the garden season we share the bounty.

I give away pine cones (I can't believe the prices charged in craft stores for pine cones!)and I've taught people HOW to soak the pine cones to be able to toss the pine cones in the fireplace to make a colorful fire. I allow people to come to do pine cuttings to make grave blankets and wreaths for the cemetery!