Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

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I started moving in here the last week and a half of August. It has been my goal to make this place into a home. There is much tweaking to do in addition to just regular household chores to maintain the upkeep of "house". But there is a supernatural kind of tweaking that needs to happen in my brain and heart to make this space "home".
Rain barrels are in place on two corners of this house. There are no outside faucets, so when I need to water my plants next year, I can be confident that there will be plenty of water for them. Today I will take advantage of the gift of Indian Summer and try to tighten down the outside of my home. I am a power drill, and a hole saw shy of being able to install my third rain barrel on the back corner of the house. I have been searching Craigs list and Freecycle for this tool. I know I will come across the right one For years I have relied on others and their power tools to come through for me. A power drill is keeping me from finishing my chores. I need to find and buy one. It may just be one of those "next, best, first, right things to do".
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