Monday, November 8, 2010

July's Eyesore Of The Month

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I follow James Howard Kunstler's weekly blog and I particularly like to follow his Eyesore Of The Month. I got behind as I have been packing and moving since about the 4th of July. Here is July's eyesore. I can only imagine that now that Ohio has voted to let in the casinos that this is what is in store for us as well. And here is what James has to say about it.

Looming balefully on the landscape in Bensalem, Pennsylvania: the new Parx casino featuring three super-giant video screens designed to entice feckless idiots with no remaining income stream to squander their dwindling cash resources on surefire swindles within.
Thanks to reader Christopher Paquette, who says, "Parx has been open for less than a year and they have already been fined for gaming violations. A few days before father's day, a local man was arrested for leaving his 15 month old son in a locked running car for over an hour while he was inside playing the penny slots."
In the later stages of the long emergency, yet to come obviously, gambling will be recognized as the social evil it is and relegated back to the dark margins of life, where it belongs. It is never a good thing for the state to promote the idea that it is possible to get something for nothing.

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