Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Karate And Taiko

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I found my Blue Belt Certificate the other day. It brought back a lot of memories because I had to work very hard for a couple of years to earn it. Recently, I was befriended (refriended) on Facebook from a woman who was interested in stories from women about violence and how some of us have dealt with it. In my case I was being stalked by a weirdo. I had so much fear in me that I was unable to go to work or even leave my home. Karate gave me my life back. It got me unstuck. My Sensei told me that my Blue Belt was equivalent to many peoples Black Belt. Thankfully, I have never had to find that out. My recent involvement with Taiko Drumming was further martial arts training. Many folks do not realize that Taiko Drumming only became entertainment in the 1950's. Before that it was a martial art form that served to warn the people. These giant drums would warn of typhoons, or invaders. I am honored to have had the experience of both Karate and Taiko.
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