Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fostex X 28

One of the items that I lost during my move was my Fostex x 24 Multitracker. It was a freak accident where speakers got vibrated off the top of the washer dryer stack and came down crushing my recorder. This was a special recorder in that it played all my mixed studio recordings of myself and friends. It records at 1/2 speed compressing the sound. While this makes for a great like professional studio recording, it makes it impossible to play on a regular cassette recorder. So when the unit was destroyed it made it impossible to play those Fostex tapes.

The other thing that a multitrack makes possible is that my Les Paul Electric guitar can amp through my stereo speakers if I plug it into the front of the Fostex. So when I lost my X-24 I lost my ability to amp my guitar. This was something I could not do at my last residence as we were limited on space. So I was very upset to lose this unit. It was the second such unit that was destroyed.
I am happy to report that I won an Fostex X-28 on eBay November 2nd. It won't be exactly like my X-24 but I will be able to play my old tapes and amp my guitar. Who knows the X-28 might be an upgrade from the X-24. I will certainly be happy to review it when it gets here. For sure I can say that they are vulnerable because they are plastic!


echopathy said...

I had one too. It fell into some clumsy hands, never to work again after loan. :-\ Maybe I can find one to transfer my boxes of tapes someday :-) - Glad you nabbed another.

skymetalsmith said...

I recommend running a want it now post on eBay. Somebody will have one that they will part with for some quick cash.